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In such rapid economic development, the growth of all aspects of life, the rise of paper bag machines in the market, because of the efficiency and convenience, has been praised and loved by many industries, then everyone knows the performance advantages of paper bag machines? What are the daily problems? Below we will learn more about "performance characteristics and common problems of paper bag machines".

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[Introduction to the types and advantages of paper bag machines]


Forming-filling-sealing paper bag machine It is a versatile paper bag machine. After the material enters the top of the paper bag machine, the metering part feeds the determined quantity into the material channel. When the roll wrapping material passes through the outer wall of the material passage, it is wound into a cylindrical shape by the former, and the longitudinal sealer secures the longitudinal seam. The transverse sealer completes the top seal of the package and the bottom seal of the next bag, forming two welds. Since the blanking channel is wrapped by the packaging bag, the bottom sealing and sealing can be directly cut into the bag, and then a station is moved to complete the sealing and sealing with a cutter to complete the packaging process.


The roll packaging material is single layered and composite. Single layer such as moisture-proof cellophane, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene, composite such as stretched polypropylene / polyethylene, polyethylene / cellophane / aluminum foil. In addition, there are heat sealable materials and the like. The package sealing type has a pillow seal, a three-side seal and a four-side seal.


Packing, packing and packaging line packing paper bag machine for packaging of product sales. It loads a metered amount of the metered material into the box and closes or seals the open portion of the box. The boxed paper bag machine is used to complete the shipping package. It puts the finished packaged product into a box in a certain arrangement and quantity, and closes or seals the opening part of the box.


Both the boxed paper bag machine and the boxed paper bag machine have the functions of forming (or opening the container), measuring, loading, sealing and the like. Figure 2 is a flow chart of the hose filling, cartoning, and packing and packaging lines. The filling paper bag machine positions the hose container, and after filling the meter, the tail end of the container is sealed and then sent to the carton bag machine. The boxed paper bag machine first forms the blank, and after wrapping the hose with the backing paper, push it into the closed box mouth of the box.


The stacking device is sent to a large-package paper bag machine for stacking. After stacking the predetermined number, the large blank is formed into a container by wrapping, while the small box is loaded therein and sizing is sealed. The large boxes are transported to the stacked paper bag machine for stacking, and after reaching a predetermined number, they are loaded into the opened box. After packing, the box cover is glued and sealed by a sealing strip paper bag machine, and the box is tied tightly by tape or using a strapping paper bag machine.

The liquid filling paper bag machine and its assembly line are filled according to the filling principle. The paper bag machine is divided into a normal pressure filling paper bag machine, a pressure filling paper bag machine and a vacuum filling paper bag machine.


1 atmospheric pressure filling paper bag machine: it is filled by liquid weight under atmospheric pressure. This type of filling paper bag machine is divided into two types: timed filling and constant filling. It is only suitable for filling low viscosity gas-free liquids such as milk and wine.

2 pressure filling paper bag machine: it is filled under atmospheric pressure, can be divided into two types: one is that the pressure in the liquid storage tank is equal to the pressure in the bottle, and is filled by the liquid weight into the bottle. It is called isostatic filling; the other is that the pressure in the liquid storage tank is higher than the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle by the pressure difference. This method is adopted in high-speed production lines. Pressure filling paper bag machine is suitable for liquid filling with gas, such as beer, soda, champagne and so on.

3 vacuum filling paper bag machine: filling in the bottle under the pressure below atmospheric pressure. The filling paper bag machine has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, wide adaptability to the viscosity of materials, such as oil, syrup and fruit wine.




Flow chart for filling liquids. The boxes with empty bottles are stacked on the trays, sent to the unloading tray paper bag machine by the conveyor belt, the trays are unloaded one by one, the boxes are sent to the unloading paper bag machine with the conveyor belt, and the empty bottles are taken out of the boxes, and the empty boxes are taken out. The conveyor belt is sent to the washing machine bag machine, cleaned, and then transported to the side of the boxed paper bag machine to load the bottle containing the beverage. The empty bottle taken out from the unloading paper bag machine is sent to the bottle washing machine for disinfection and cleaning by another conveyor belt. After being inspected by the bottle inspection machine, it meets the cleaning standard and enters the filling paper bag machine and the cover paper bag machine.


The beverage is filled into the bottle by a filling paper bag machine. The bottle with the beverage is sealed by the capping paper bag machine and transported to the labeling paper bag machine for labeling. After the label is attached, it is sent to the packing paper bag machine and then put into the box and then sent to the stacking paper bag machine to be stacked on the tray. warehouse. The flow of the bottle filling line for various beverages is basically similar. However, depending on the nature of the beverage, the filling paper bag machine and the gland paper bag machine used are also different. For example, in addition to selecting a suitable filling and gluing machine, the beer filling line also adds a sterilizing paper bag machine. The capping paper bag machine selects the corresponding paper bag model according to the shape of the cap used (the crown cap, the cap, the cap, etc.).


The purpose of the packaging is to protect the product from damage during storage and transportation. Packaging sometimes also serves as a decorative product to promote sales.


The categories are divided into packaging objects, including component packaging and whole paper bag packaging. Parts are packaged to protect product accuracy and facilitate on-site assembly and installation. The package is divided into inner and outer packaging according to the form. Products with a simple structure can be packaged at one time, and some parts require only partial protection. Packaging should meet the requirements of various users, such as meeting the needs of end consumers or collaborative factories; the need for real-time sales or inventory; domestic or foreign trade needs. If you need to ship for a long time, you should pay attention to moisture, rust and corrosion.


[The problem that paper bag machine industry often encounters]


1. Standard question: In the past , the standard of manual paste bag was not uniform, one person and one method, one person and one standard, and the portable paper bag machine effectively solved this problem through the combination of mechanical and electrical control modes.

2, the benefits of the problem: pure hand-paste bag, the amount of people used, the amount of glue is large, the adhesion is not strong, the efficiency is low; the portable paper bag machine came out, first of all, it is difficult to recruit workers now, the workers' wages are high, and the amount of glue is saved. According to the calculation of 10,000 bags, it is possible to save one machine money in one year. At the same time, after the bag is finished, mechanical compression is used to effectively avoid the phenomenon that the glue is not firmly glued.


The outstanding advantage of the food paper bag machine is that the produced food paper bag is non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, and because of the good printing performance of the paper, the graphic text can be printed according to the requirements of the user. It is ideal for food bags such as chestnut bags, fried chicken bags, hamburger bags, hand cake bags, small meat balls, sugar gourd bags, and beef jerky bags.

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